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My name is Levar Wilson.  I am a Christian, a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, a traveling bumpkin, an author, and a Veteran.  ​My story is one that I hope you can relate to.  I was taught to get good grades in school so that I could get a good job and have a “good life”.  In 1996, I found the “solution” and enlisted in the U.S. Army.  After 14-years of service that included multiple combat tours, I concluded the Soldier chapter of my life and focused my attention to being a better husband, father, and friend. 


Taking the “go to school, get good grades, get a good job” mindset into Corporate America, I thought it would serve me well.  I had the “experience” and three college degrees.  Hard work always pays off, right?  Imagine my surprise when learned that I was getting paid the same salary as many co-workers that “specialized” in doing the bare minimum.  Fair?  Hardly not.  Overworked.  Underpaid.  No upward progression possible.  I literally felt like a lion trapped in the cage of my cubicle.


I had this dull feeling in my gut telling me that I deserved better.  And so began my search for the key to unlock my chains.  A way that would give my life a deeper purpose not only to help my family but others in similar situations.  A way that would give them hope.  In 2012, I gratefully found the key that I was looking for.  Our paths have crossed for a reason as I do not believe in coincidences.

3 Key Points

TECHNOLOGY is the name of the game these days!  TECHNOLOGY is global.  The opportunity for business-minded people to have success in life without investing a large sum of capital has never been greater.  TECHNOLOGY has been key in creating more millionaires in home-based businesses like never before.  An Internet connection and a Smartphone makes this all possible!  TECHNOLOGY allows me to share what I do from my home, quaint coffee shops, or across time zones.  TECHNOLOGY never sleeps!

As an INDUSTRY LEADER, collaboration is important.  I have an abundance mindset and I believe that we can all win together.  As an INDUSTRY LEADER, building a team of like-minded entrepreneurs leads to an unstoppable synergy.  By helping others achieve their goals, my team has quickly become one of the fastest growing in our industry.  As an INDUSTRY LEADER, my goal is to create many more success stories.  If you are coachable, teachable, and a pleasure to work with, I can help you write your success story, too.

TRAVELING the world has always fascinated me.  I am a TRAVELIN' BUMPKIN' at heart!  In school, I used to make collages on poster board of places that I wanted to TRAVEL to.  I used to believe that my TRAVEL fantasy would never come true.  Life is now different for me as I am now able to TRAVEL and make memories with my family and loved ones.  I know that time and money prevent people from being able to TRAVEL as they want.  I want to help change this for you.  If you had the chance to live your dream vacation and TRAVEL lifestyle, would you take the chance?  How long are you going to stare at your "bucket list" before you do anything about it?

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